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Connect groups are the heart of our church and we believe that everyone should be connected to a connect group. Life is better when we are together! If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. We believe God created us for community and we would love to welcome you into one of our connect groups. Our connect groups only run for 5/6 weeks at a time, making it easy for everyone to commit to. There is a wide variety of connect groups you can choose from, based on the season you find yourself in at the moment. If there is not a specific connect group that you are interested in – maybe you would want to consider leading that specific connect group. We would love to welcome you to our connect group leadership team!


We believe that Godly relationships are at the heart of God’s purpose for His children. We are passionate to see people inspired, cared for and equipped. Caring coordinates a vast spectrum that concerns spiritual growth within our church and equipping individuals to fulfil the work of Christ as His body.

As you grow in your journey with Jesus there are certain steps you need to take. As church we love God, we love people and would love to see you grow in your journey with Jesus as you take your next step.
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It is here where creative individuals gather together in order to shape the culture of our campus. We gather to inspire one another and to grow in our individual gifts, but like any other creative person one of the main reasons we gather is because we love hanging out. If you are musically talented, have technical skills and/or knowledge, see yourself as a creative individual or have other creative abilities and talents – join us at any of our celebrations teams.


As part of our mandate, we believe God has called us to reach people! That is exactly what our outreach hub is all about. We believe that there is power in intentional and collective action when people are united in love for a specific cause. Our outreach projects are aimed to make an impact within our local community. You can become involved in one of three ways – become a prayer partner; be a financial investor in helping us make outreach projects possible or volunteer at our next outreach project! Your prayer, contribution and time can help us in bringing light to darkness and hope to the hopeless.

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Step-by-Step Project

In collaboration with Metswalle Outreach, in January 2020, we had the opportunity of collecting 253 pairs of school shoes for school kids in need which we distributed at a local primary school in our area.

Heritage Day Outreach

What a better way than to celebrate our African heritage other than with “braaivleis”, soccer, the #JerusalemaDanceChallenge and loads of fun? On Heritage day 2020, Friend of God Goodwood Campus hosted an outreach initiative in our local community. More than just a soccer tournament, braai, dance and fun; this occasion also provided us with the perfect opportunity to share Christ with others.

Make A Difference Project

On 1 November 2020 we launched the Make A Difference Project. As a church we believe God has called us to make a difference in our community and you can help us by supporting our project. By purchasing items (t-shirts, coffee, books, etc.) from the Make A Difference Project you are enabling us to reach the vulnerable in our community and city. All proceeds made by this project goes towards local outreach initiatives. Support us – so others may live!

Project 31

Serving our community remains one of our greatest privileges. On 31 October 2021 we took hands with a group of incredible volunteers from our church and decided to serve our community. The goal was simple: 31 soup drop-offs and 31 streets cleaned and prayed for. Being able to share Jesus with people remains a honour.

Connect Groups

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