The Goodwood Campus Team

Wayne and Chantelle

As campus leaders of Friend of God Goodwood Campus, we consider it a privilege to lead. We are passionate about the local church and have dedicated our lives to champion the cause of Christ. The very reason we love to do what we do can be set out in four simple words: So others may live!

Everything we do as leaders, and as campus, should point people to Christ! We would love to see people stepping into a relationship with Him and discover the fullness of what He has in store for them.

Wayne de Vos

074 860 1260

Chantelle de Vos

083 612 7336

Our Team

As a team we have four goals that we aim to achieve. We want to see people stepping into a relationship with Jesus, be connected to our church in connect groups, see that people discover their purpose and be activated in order to serve with us in making a difference. We all share in theses responsibilities to see these four goals achieved.